Latest Past Events

Mardi Gras

a. Funfetti with Mardi Gras Sprinkles (Available Sat 2/18-Tues 2/21) b. Doughnut King Cakes (Available for PRE-ORDER ONLY Sat 2/18-Tues 2/21) - Serves 6-8ppl - $30)

Valentines Day

a. Heart Shaped Strawberry Jam Doughnuts: Available Fri 2/10- Tues 2/14 in store and Pre-Order  b. Box of Chocolates: Available Sunday 2/12 - Tuesday 2/14 - $25 - In store & Pre-Order           - 6 Chocolate Doughnuts                  1. Chocolate OF (replaces regular OF […]

Superdough Sunday

ONLY AVAILABLE Sunday February 12     - Available at all stores and for pre-orders: KC & Eagles Funfetti with Chocolate Football

happy memorial day from district doughnut

District Doughnut will be open on Memorial Day until we are sold out! Our menu will include a specialty doughnut covered in Star Spangled Sprinkles to honor our military members who never made it home. We at District Doughnut would like to extend our gratitude to our military service members and their families who gave it all for our country. We appreciate you, and we would love to be included in your Memorial Day plans.