Our Doughnuts

We hand-craft our doughnuts fresh from scratch daily using real, expensive ingredients and no preservatives. We set a weekly menu that features a rotating variety of seasonally appropriate and complimentary flavors. Trust us, they are all delicious.

Doughnuts are priced individually!


Brown Butter
Signature yeast dough | cinnamon sugar coating | brown butter icing

Salted Dulce de Leche
Signature yeast dough | dulce de leche pastry cream filling | salted Argentine dulce de leche ganache

Vanilla Bean Glazed
Signature yeast dough | Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean glaze

Milk Chocolate Glazed
Signature yeast dough | Valrhona chocolate glaze | chocolate curls

Signature yeast dough | homemade strawberry jam filling |crushed peanut butter glaze | crushed peanuts

Signature yeast dough | roasted pistachio, orange and honey glaze | phyllo dough flakes

Toasted Coconut Cream
Vanilla bean dough | coconut pastry cream | toasted coconut flakes

Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée
Signature yeast dough |  vanilla bean creme brûlée filling | caramelized sugar

Cookies & Cream (Cake)
Chocolate cake batter | vanilla bean glaze | homemade cookies and cream crumble

Maple Butter Pecan (Cake)
Vanilla cake batter | dark amber maple syrup and butter glaze | candied pecans


Rotating Varieties
Click each image below to learn more about Chef Christine's signature flavors that rotate throughout the year!