How To OrdeR

Our doughnuts are available for sale at our store, for pre-order pick-up, and delivery. 

Q: How do I pre-order doughnuts for pick-up or delivery?

A: To pre-order doughnuts for pick-up or delivery, visit our ORDERING PORTAL. We require for 48 hours notice for all pre-orders. All preorders must be placed by 5PM. For an order on Thursday, the order must be submitted on Tuesday by 5PM. 

Q: What flavors are available for purchase?

A: See the DOUGHNUT MENU page for a list of all of the doughnut flavors available for the current week.

Q: How far in advance do I need to place a preorder or delivery order?

A: All orders must be confirmed with our team at least 48 hours in advance.

Every element of our doughnuts is prepared fresh, from scratch, in small batches. A 48 hour notice enables our team to deliver the best experience to you.

For example: to place an order for Friday, the order must be confirmed by 5:00PM on Wednesday.

Q: Do I have to order my doughnuts in advance?

A: No! You can purchase our doughnuts at our Barracks Row store, as well as for pre-order pick-up and delivery. For our store location and hours, please visit our CONTACT PAGE.  

Q: Can I order a flavor that is not available on the desired day of my order?

A: Currently, we are only able to offer the selection of flavors available on our WEEKLY MENU page. Please contact our Customer Service team for any special requests: ORDERS@DISTRICTDOUGHNUT.COM

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, we deliver throughout DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia with the following conditions:

SAME DAY DELIVERY: For orders of 2 dozen or fewer, we deliver through POSTMATES (please click the link to view their delivery areas)

FUTURE DELIVERY: For catering orders (4 dozen or more), please contact our Customer Service team: ORDERS@DISTRICTDOUGHNUT.COM

Q: Do you ship your doughnuts?

A: Sadly, we cannot ship our doughnuts because they are made fresh from scratch every day using real, expensive ingredients and are free of preservatives. So, they have a very short shelf life - which is why they are so delicious!

Q: Do you serve gluten-free, vegan, or dairy free products?

A: Not yet! But Chef Christine is working on them. 

Q: Do your doughnuts contain nuts?

A: Yes, some of our flavors contain nuts. Our WEEKLY MENU page will detail which doughnuts contain nuts. Please note that our doughnuts are made in a kitchen in the presence of nuts, but only certain flavors contain nuts. 

For special catering requests, please contact our Customer Service Team: ORDERS@DISTRICTDOUGHNUT.COM