Valentine’s Day 2019

Doughnuts + Flowers

Every box comes with a ribbon, rose, and personalized note!

We’re partnering with #MadeInDC locals Ash To Oak to bring you doughnuts and floral arrangements. Here’s the deal…

  1. Choose the doughnut box that tickles your fancy. For chocolatey deliciousness, our Box of Chocolates is the move. For cutesy miniature doughnuts, check out the Conversation Hearts Minis.

  2. Each box comes with a ribbon, rose, and personalized note. But, if you’re looking to really impress…

  3. Choose the Ash To Oak bouquet that fits your Valentine. Check out the Penelope ($35) for a beautiful, personal-size bouquet. Want to impress the whole office? Check out the Eleanor ($70) or Adelaide ($100) for a floral #oomph that nobody can ignore.

  4. Valentine’s Day packages are available February 10 - 17. Due to the volume, pick up is only available at our Georgetown store.

Want to order? Please visit our Valentine’s Day Order Form linked below!

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Conversation Heart Minis - $25

A delectable dozen of our miniature doughy delights. Each dozen comes with an assortment of glazes: Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Each mini is topped with a colorful conversation heart topper.


Box of Chocolates - $20

A chocolate lover’s dream. Four of our favorite chocolate flavors

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 5.29.37 PM.png

Ash To Oak Bouquets - $35 - $100

Local floral designers, Ash To Oak, is graciously pairing stunning bouquets with our doughnut boxes.

Penelope - $35
Eleanor - $70
Adelaide - $100